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Snap N Flow

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Watch the video on how to use SNAP N FLOW™.


Snap N Flow

Snap N Flow

So Easy It’s a Snap

Using the SNAP N FLOW™ disposable cup system makes automotive refinishing jobs easier, faster and more efficient.

The system provides shops and painters many benefits, including:

  • Requires fewer steps
  • Improves color matching
  • Minimizes paint usage
  • Creates less mess and quicker cleanup
  • Provides easy paint storage options
  • Offers greater savings on materials and time
The simplified design of the SNAP N FLOW™ system allows painters to measure, mix, spray and store … all in the same mix cup — providing a significant savings in paint … and time. The specially designed lids snap on the cup. In a snap, you’re ready to spray.

This innovative system creates a constant flow of paint from the cup through the gun. Unrestricted consistent fluid flow gives you the best color matching and more control over your jobs.

Mix, Connect, Spray

The SNAP N FLOW™ Disposable Paint Cup System from DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing is an innovative paint system that lets you mix, connect and spray — all with one disposable cup system.



Mix in standard sized mix cup



Snap the lid on the cup



Start spraying







Simple System

Provides a more intuitive, familiar method of mixing and spraying paint

SNAP N FLOW™ significantly reduces the number of components (and steps) needed to complete a job.

Set A

Chambered Lid and Venting Tube

The unique chambered lid and venting tube design maximizes fluid flow to the spray gun. Lid sizing is optimized to 15 and 32 ounces — for small and large jobs. Lids feature integrated filters available in 125- or 200-microns.

Set B

Mixing Cups

The 15- and 32-ounce SNAP N FLOW™ mixing cups are industry-standard sized and feature flat bottoms for easy stirring.

Set C


The easy-connect adapter securely attaches the gravity spray gun to the SNAP N FLOW™ lid. Adapters are available to fit a majority of gravity guns from major gun manufacturers.

Set D

Flat Lids

The sturdy flat lids are used when paints need to be mixed on the shaker. These flat lids are also used for longer-term paint storage.

Set E

Shaker Adapter

A shaker adapter is used with the flat lid for shaker mixing.

Set F


Special SNAP N FLOW™ plugs snap on the vented lids. The unique design allows the cup and vented lid system to be stored upside down — keeping the filter wet during paint storage.



Contact your distributor about which SNAP N FLOW™ products are right for you.

How To Guide (PDF)

Description Model Number
Demo Kits
125 Micron Demo Kit SNF-601
200 Micron Demo Kit SNF-602
Small Jobs
15 oz. Disposable Mixing Cup (100) SNF-15-K100
15 oz. 125 Micron Lid (48) SNF-431-K48
15 oz. 200 Micron Lid (48) SNF-432-K48
15 oz. Flat Storage Lid (50) SNF-22-K50
Large Jobs
32 oz. Disposable Mixing Cup (100) SNF-32-K100
32 oz. 125 Micron Lid (48) SNF-421-K48
32 oz. 200 Micron Lid (48) SNF-422-K48
32 oz. Flat Storage Lid (50) SNF-8-K50
Plugs (8) SNF-9-K8
Shaker Ring Kit SNF-21-K2
Description Model Number
DeVilbiss®, Binks®, Sharpe SNF-43
DeVilbiss® SRI, Binks® Cub SNF-23
FinishLine® G2, G3, G4 SNF-31
StartingLine® SNF-64
StartingLine®, Sharpe Finex SNF-81
3M SNF-500
Accuspray SNF-26
Accuspray 2.0 Disposable Head SNF-87
Accuspray DispHd SNF-85
Iwata SuperNova, W300 SNF-78
Sagola SNF-13
Sata Full QCC and Threaded SNF-504
Sata Minis QCC and Threaded SNF-502
Sata NR2000 & RP SNF-10
Sata NR95, Iwata SNF-11

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